All the updated toll and timetable info for Abu Dhabi in the Holy Month…

Each year, during Ramadan, the Integrated Transport Centre (ICT) makes some adjustments to the timetables of certain bus routes and Mawaqif parking hours. This year, there will also be timing changes to the newly implemented Darb road toll system.

This restructuring is to reflect changes to the working hours of the Abu Dhabi public and private sectors.


As always people attending Tarawih prayers will be exempt from Mawaqif fees, for the parking spaces around mosques, during prayer time. Just ensure that your vehicle is not blocking the traffic flow.

Saturday to Wednesday parking fees will apply 9am to 2pm and 9pm to 2.30am. Thursdays it’s 9am to 2pm and 9pm to midnight. Mawaqif is free all day on Fridays, as always.

Darb toll

As of January 2, this year – Abu Dhabi has been running a road toll system at certain traffic hot spots throughout the city. The Dhs4 crossing charges are only applicable during peak travel times, which have been slightly adjusted for the Holy Month.

From the start of Ramadan, the Darb charges will apply to travel through the gates between 8am to 10am in the morning and 2pm to 4pm in the afternoon. Fridays will remain charge-free.

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Bus timetable changes

For full details of the updated timing of all affected bus routes, please check the ITC embed below.

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