IMPORTANT UPDATE: Visitors to Expo 2020 required to show proof of vaccination or negative PCR test

The Director General has high hopes for the five months leading up to the event…

Expo 2020 Dubai is on track to take place later this year, after being postponed by 12 months due to the pandemic. With just five months to go, the Director General of Expo 2020 Dubai Bureau, Reem Al Hashimy, has outlined how vaccines will play a role in the event.

“We are hopeful that in the next five months we are going to see a better and stronger overall picture,”Reem Al Hashimy told CNBC. She also told Bloomberg‘s Daybreak that all of the Expo 2020 Dubai workforce will be vaccinated, but it’s not a requirement for visitors.

When asked if Expo 2020 Dubai is in conversation with the UK and the US about lifting their travel bans, Al Hashimy said: “Yes, yes…we’re in regular conversations with them to understand how we can change the current trajectory.

“They have changed some of their requirements, they’re concerned about some issues that we’ve already been able to alleviate. The UK was in complete lockdown and it’s only been three months, look at them now they’re doing so much better.”

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Countries around the world are implementing vaccine rollouts, many of which are due to be complete before Expo 2020 Dubai is due to begin. The event organisers encourage all those eligible to get vaccinated, but will not insist on it as a requirement to attend.

Expo 2020 Dubai expect 25 million global visitors across the six month event, which begins on October 1, 2021. “The UAE is optimistic but realistic,” Al Hashimy explained. “Across 182 days, we remain confident that we will be able to attract that number.”