The dazzling display saw 20 skydivers shoot through the sky with 78 fireworks…

Dubai is no stranger to a Guinness World Record or two, from ‘the world’s tallest building’ (Burj Khalifa of course) to ‘the world’s largest art canvas’ and lots more. Now, Dubai can add ‘the highest altitude fireworks display’ to its belt.

Last night, Sunday May 2, Global Village teamed up with Skydive Dubai to achieve its 25th Guinness World Record in a run of record-breaking accolades, starting from October 25, to celebrate its 25th season.

The spectacular display saw 20 skydivers jump from an altitude of more than 15,000 feet, lighting up the sky with 78 fireworks. These fireworks represented the 78 cultures that attended  Global Village in its 25th season.

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Global Village posted a video of the jaw-dropping display to its Instagram page. It sees the 20 skydivers throw themselves into the sky, trailing massive sparks behind them. They achieved the highest altitude fireworks display with a record of 4907.28 metres.

Other Guinness World Records achieved by Global Village during the 25th season include ‘most people in a video relay holding a sign’, ‘the largest mosaic’, ‘most nationalities on a theme park ride’ and ‘largest pin badge’.

Global Village is now closed for the summer.

Jaki Ellenby, Executive Director marketing, Global Village said: “It seems like just yesterday that we took the decision to attempt 25 records in just 6 months as part of our 25th anniversary celebrations. It has been an incredible journey… not always easy, but always exciting and our team rose to the challenge with passion and resilience”.

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