The new rules for visiting public places in Abu Dhabi start on Tuesday…

Last week Abu Dhabi’s Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee announced the introduction of a Green Pass system in the capital, using the ALHOSN app as the key mechanism.

From Tuesday June 15, everyone over the age of 16 will be required to show a Green status on the ALHOSN app before being admitted entry to malls; gyms; hotels; restaurants, cafes and bars; supermarkets; hotels and their facilities; public parks and beaches; private beaches and pools; entertainment centres, cinemas and museums.

Businesses around the emirate have been training and preparing to deploy staff to check the Green Pass status of guests and visitors. And because the ALHOSN app generates a QR code — and equipment for reading this information has been widely available for a long time now, implementation has been a relatively smooth process.

We can see this Abu Dhabi Tiktok user below, scanning in quickly and safely with zero fuss.

@itsmemisskristina#uae #safetyprotocol #staysafeabudhabi #abudhabi #staysafe #safetyprotocols♬ original sound – itsmeMissKristina

Abu Dhabi’s theme parks have their equipment in place and are ready for the launch.

As are the parks.

How does the Green Pass Work?

First of all you’ll need to have downloaded the ALHOSN app, it’s free on Apple and Google Play stores, as well as Huawei AppGallery and Galaxy Store.You will need an internet connection when you first install the Alhosn app, but because the app is whitelisted by the telecom operators, data used will not come off your allowance. You’ll also need and Emirates ID and a working phone number.

The app works a bit like a traffic light system –  Green means go, you’re essentially verified as Covid negative. Grey means neutral — you’ll need to get a negative PCR test before it turns green. Red means you’ve tested positive, stay safe, stay isolated and follow the infection protcol.

How long is the Green Pass valid for?

After each negative PCR test, your ALHOSN app will remain green for a period of time determined by what level of vaccination you have received.

A full breakdown of categories and their associated Green Pass duration is available in our ALHOSN app guide.

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