Two attractions you need to check out at Expo 2020 Dubai…

Expo 2020 Dubai begins on Friday, October 1 and as the excitement for the opening draws closer, the team at Expo 2020 has announced two new attractions that visitors need to add to their list of places to see: Garden in the Sky and Water Feature.

Take a look at the video below shared by the Expo 2020 Dubai team on their official Instagram account.

Here’s what we know about the two attractions.

Garden in the Sky

Now, if you’ve lived in the UAE long enough you would have most likely been to At The Top in Burj Khalifa or checked out the newly opened The View at The Palm. Well, Expo 2020 Dubai has also just announced that it will have its very own observation deck soaring 55-metres above the ground.

The observation tower cabins can ascend and descend and will rotate providing those 360-degree views of the 4.38 sqkm Expo 2020 Dubai site.

Expo 2020 observation deck

But, why is it called Garden in the Sky? Well, the upper floor of the attraction is planted with peltophorum inerme trees, also known as yellow flame trees – hence the name. You probably would have seen these trees around many of Dubai’s parks and landscapes.

You can find the observation park at Jubilee Park where you can also find dozens of food outlets, large scale art installations, the Jubilee stage and much more.

Expo 2020 Water feature

Another attraction you don’t want to miss is the Expo 2020 Water feature. The attraction combines the elements of water, earth and fire.

In this attraction, giant sheets of water come tumbling down 13-metre high walls during the day. The 153 individual waves range from glistening sheets to bursts of water that literally leap from the walls as they make their dramatic descent. However, at night is when the magic happens as the water flows up the walls, completely defying gravity.

Expo 2020 Water Feature

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There will be three openings to a central area of the attraction that takes visitors below ground level. Here, visitors can walk to the base of the falls to see how the water disappears through the stone.

The attraction is accompanied by an orchestral score from the award-winning composer of the Game of Thrones theme music. The surge of water released syncs with the orchestral masterpiece performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

At the centre of the attraction is a mysterious circle of fire that produces enormous bursts of flames in hues of red, green and yellow. In keeping with Expo 2020’s theme of sustainability, these huge flames are of pure hydrogen and therefore produce no carbon.

In case you’re wondering, yes – this is the same cutting-edge technology that is used to create the famous dancing fountain at Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

We can’t wait to check this out!

Images: Supplied by Expo 2020 Dubai