The news about the latest resident of The National Aquarium is a very long story…

In the 1997 movie, Anaconda, Jenifer Lopez and a crew of documentary makers head to the Amazon river in search of a legendary 12 metre long monster snake. They find it of course, amid a flurry of CGI jump scares and B-movie style dialogue. It’s one of those ‘good bad’ classics.

But The National Aquarium’s latest arrival, a reticulated python known simply as ‘super snake’, is no work of fiction. The XXL reptile is a 14 year old female, slides in at a huge seven metres in length, weighs 115kg, eats ducks and rabbits, and is a bit of a Michael Phelps in the pool.

The National Aquarium is located at Abu Dhabi’s upcoming leisure and entertainment mega project, Al Qana and is reported to be over 90 per cent complete.

This Super Snake is believed to be the largest snake in captivity, and although was born as part of a conservation programme in LA, in the wild — her species is native to South and Southeast Asia. She’s not venomous, but she is able to nonchalantly ‘cuddle” her prey to death. These sorts of pythons have flexible jaw ligaments, allowing them to consume food much larger than their own face. A trick we once replicated with Taqado’s 1kg ‘beast’ burrito.

Abu Dhabi’s new plus-size python will inhabit The National Aquarium’s Flooded Forrest zone along with 8,000 other fascinating rainforest creatures.

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Speaking about the new arrival, Paul Hamilton, General Manager at The National Aquarium said “We are certain Super Snake is going to become one the biggest attractions at The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi. Just watching her relax in her lush, tropical inspired habitat is mesmerizing. The sheer size and beauty of Super Snake is going to make her the strongest representative of our Flooded Forest collection.”

When will The National Aquarium open?

Still no official, confirmed date — but with construction so close to completion, don’t rule out a 2021 opening.

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