Walter, is that you?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, we bet you’ve heard of Breaking Bad, the critically-acclaimed television series that took the world by storm. One of the most compelling things about the series was, undeniably, the love-hate relationship between its two protagonists: Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

Award-winning actor Bryan Cranston who played Walter White (also known as Heisenberg) is currently in Dubai. He’s here to promote Dos Hombres (a mezcal beverage), which is a joint venture he founded with Jesse Pinkman actor, Aaron Paul. Cranston was spotted at a number of popular Dubai bars last night.

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First, he visited beverage supplier MMI Dubai, where he took the team and partners through a masterclass, teaching them about all things mezcal. He also visited the S Bar at SLS Dubai, the ultra-chic hotel which opened earlier this year. Plenty of guests were there to see him jovially shaking up cocktails and serving people from behind the bar.

Mezcal is a beverage derived from ‘a unique blend of the finest Espadin agave, hand-selected from the hillsides of a small village in Oaxaca, Mexico’. With this in mind, it’s hardly surprising that Bryan Cranston also dropped by at La Mezcaleria, the cool Mexican rooftop bar in Dubai’s Business Bay. Cranston was also spotted visiting the gorgeous rooftop bar, Jubilee Mixology, on Monday, November 15.

Breaking Bad, which can be found on Netflix, follows the life of underpaid and undervalued Chemistry teacher Walter White, who finds out he has a terminal illness and resorts to drastic measures to fund his hospital debt. Along the way he meets down-and-out high school drop-out Jesse Pinkman, which is where the trouble really begins.

We wonder where Bryan Cranston will be spotted next in the city…

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