Keep the little ones busy over the summer…

We love a good subscription box and there are plenty out there in UAE for adults… but, what about the kids? They can also receive monthly subscription boxes which will help educate, keep them creative and more.

Here are 5 subscription boxes your little ones will just love. 



Age group: 0 to 9 years

If you want to ignite your child’s passion for reading, it’s best to do it when they are young. aKINDemy is a unique book subscription which will help raise your little ones to be kind. They offer monthly themed books and allow parents the freedom to customize their monthly boxes and only pay for the books they choose to receive every month. Topics the books cover include gender equality, gratitude, family, community, racism, mother earth, oceans and plastic pollution. The box also includes age-appropriate conversation starters, activities and games and fun surprises. View pricing here.



Age group: 2 to 6 years

Toddle is a monthly box for kids which will support their development at an early age allowing them to play, learn and grow at the same time become their best selves. The box contains 12 hands-on activities that the kids can engage in at home allowing that screentime to reduce. Read more and make your purchase here.


The Happy Box

happy box

Age group: 3 to 11 years

Not only are the colourful subscription boxes from The Happy Box educational but it’s fun the whole family can enjoy together. Each box has eight activities and a book centred around a specific theme. They help to build your little one’s cognitive and fine motor skills, assist in exploring their creativity and stimulate their analytical skills. Nothing extra for the activities will need to be purchased on your end as everything is included in the box including paper, canvases, instructions and more. Order here.




Age group: 0 to 12+ months (number of boxes catering to different age ranges available)

Monkibox has a number of boxes that act as a support system for parents. Not only have they been created by experts in the fields of academics, researchers and practitioners, but they’ve also been tried and tested by the target audience (aka the little ones). Pick a box that corresponds to your baby’s age. The boxes will teach babies to look, bond, sense, observe, discover and explore. Order here.

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Age group: 0 to 7 years

Peekado believes in the power of books to help fuel a child’s self-development. Parents have a busy schedule and so find it hard to find time to head out to the bookstore to stock up. Enter Peekado which offers up a monthly book subscription. You can pick a subscription box where you get to keep the books or send them back at the end of the month. Read more and order here. 

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