Need to cut down on calories? This list is for you…

Dubai is filled with health-conscious people forced to spend all day seated at work. Sound familiar? Before you invest in a treadmill desk, try these healthy lunch alternatives instead…

The Soul Bowl

soul bowl

Armed with all kinds of classic healthy foods, this delivery is sure to be exactly what you require. The menu ranges from salads and poke bowls to burritos and avocado toast. With seven outlets across the UAE, you are sure to receive your order fast. Food comes at an average cost of Dhs35 per order.

The Soul Bowl, multiple locations, Dubai, 5pm to 12pm daily. Tel: (0)4 770 0928, @the.soul.bowl 

Fuel Up by Kcal

fuel up by kcal

This unique meal plan service offers a fabulous provision to those who are too busy to cook but want to get fit. All you have to do is choose a set meal or build your own and pick a suitable delivery time and Kcal will handle the rest. It promises that you will get your required daily intake of macros as well.

Fuel Up by Kcal, Jumeirah Bay, Cluster X, Dubai, 9am to 6pm daily, closed on weekends. Tel: (800)383 587,

The Acai Spot

the acai spot

This globally renowned restaurant is slightly more expensive, leaning towards Dhs75 per person. Nevertheless, the Brazilian restaurant serves up classic and contemporary acai bowls that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and your appetite while keeping your calorie count in check.

The Acai Spot, multiple locations, Dubai, 8am to 11pm daily. Tel: (0)4 548 0527,



Hayz aims to make highly delicious healthy food with lean proteins, good carbs and small amounts of healthy fats. The menu houses a smorgasbord of food, including daily and monthly meal plans at affordable rates.

Hayz, MAG 214, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, 7am to 10pm daily. Tel: (0)4 430 9047,

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Coco Yogo

coco yogo

This raw, vegan, gluten-free menu has all things decadent… two pages of pure confectionaries await those who order from here. All their products are free from dairy, soy, corn, gluten, eggs, preservatives and refined sugar. Just be wary if you have a nut allergy as that is the basis of all their dishes.

Coco Yogo, multiple locations, Dubai, 10.30am to 12am daily. Tel: (0)55 946 3074,

Salad Jar

salad jar

Born in the UAE back in 2015, Salad Jar is on a mission to make healthy eating fun, easy and convenient. The USP is in the name as the menu boasts ten varieties of salads along with a couple other treats. The average cost is Dhs30 per order.

Salad Jar, multiple locations, Dubai, 9am to 10pm daily. Tel: (0)4 369 9396,