The change appeared on phones during the day…

Eagle-eyed residents may have spotted a change to their network provider name on Thursday, July 14 to ‘UAE Vision’. Spotted it and wondering ‘why?’. Well it’s to help show support to UAE President HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nayhan and the priorities he has outlined for the UAE.

On July 13 in the morning, state news agency WAM reported that Sheikh Mohamed was going to address the nation for the first time as UAE President. The speech to the UAE’s citizens and residents was broadcasted on local TV and radio channels at 6pm.

UAE residents tuned in to listen to Sheikh Mohamed as he outlined the UAE’s priorities and announced the UAE’s ambitions for the coming decades.

In the address, Sheikh Mohamed stressed that “our primary goal is the UAE and its people,” and that the basis of all future plans for the country is ensuring “our people have everything they need to live fulfilled comfortable, and happy lives.”

During the 10-minute speech, he shared the key topics that the UAE would continue to build on under his vision. These included the sovereignty and security of the UAE, the strength of the economy, science and technology, openness and constructive collaboration, and peace & respect.

If you missed the speech, you can watch it below, or you can read more about it here.

The state address comes two months after Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed was elected President of the UAE, succeeding his brother Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who passed away on Friday May 13. At the time of his election, Sheikh Mohamed was also appointed ruler of Abu Dhabi. 

Image: Supplied