No matter what type of art you fancy, there’s an art exhibition in Dubai to check out…

Dubai is one of those cities where there’s a never-ending supply of things to do. For a bit of culture to shake up your week, you could always soak in some art and pay a visit to these art exhibitions in Dubai.



Want to enjoy your art with a cup of coffee? We have got you covered. Mawaheb is a unique social enterprise and art studio for individuals with determination. Under the guidance of teachers, students at Mawaheb explore and develop their art and life skills through sessions in yoga, dancing and public speaking. Their core aim is to build a community and to establish a space in which individuals can be inspired and guided to reach their highest potential. ‘Mawaheb’, the Arabic word for talent, encourages all its students to explore the world and their own unique talents through the creative arts.

Mawaheb is a special place that allows you to discover all of its student’s art, which is displayed through their interconnected community café and art studio. The café is a modern and bright space, that serves as both a place to work and a gathering point for friends. Visitors can observe the wonderful art on display whilst enjoying a delicious selection of coffees, sweet treats and savory snacks. This will all be guilt-free, as all the proceeds go to maintaining and running the art studio for Mawaheb’s students.

Mawaheb, Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, Dubai, open Mon to Sat 8.30am to 5.30pm closed Sun, Tel: (0)50 200 4263,

Fabien Fryns Fine Art

Fabien Fryns Fine Art

The Facial Recognition exhibition curated by Barbara Pollack contemplates the consequences of the digital age on our perception of self and sense of privacy. This group exhibition focuses on the evolution of portraiture in the rice of technology. In our ever-increasing digital age systems such as facial recognition have come to dominate our human existence and diminished our sense of self and privacy. Pollack rebels against this by showcasing a range of pieces that explore portraiture through an abstract lens, transforming the subject often past recognition.

Fabien Fryns Fine Art, Alserkal Avenue, Street 8, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, open Mon to Sat 10am to 6pm closed Sun, Tel: (0)4 323 5050. 

Infinity Des Lumières

dubai data infinity des Lumières

Infinity des Lumières aims to redefine and transform how we experience and understand art, engulfing all visitors in a fully immersive experience, awakening all of their senses. Dubai Data exhibition has been exclusively created for Des Lumieres, by the world-renowned Ouchhh studio and will allow you to experience Dubai as you have never before, fusing technology and art, to create a multi-sensory immersive experience. It redefines art by translating Dubai’s iconic landscape into data paint, through a groundbreaking combination of AI algorithms. This exhibition aims to fuse all of Dubai’s elements, the desert heat, with the amalgamation of sounds of the city, ocean and sand, as well as the animations of the desert and water. This exhibition aims to provide a fully immersive experience, connecting all the dimensions of the city.

Infinity des Lumieres, Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, 

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

Explore exclusive historical artifacts at The Treasures of the Library Exhibition at this newly opened cultural space in Dubai. Explore different civilizations, through a variety of rare and ancient artifacts. It’s the proud home of first-edition books which explore the ancient Arab peninsula, as well as some unique atlases illustrating the oceans and the galaxies. You can also check out a collection of extraordinary ancient books, atlases and manuscripts, some of them dating back to the 13th century. Don’t miss the Atlas Maior – a unique artifact considered to be one of the greatest atlases ever made and a masterpiece of the Golden age of Dutch cartography. If Atlases do not tickle your fancy, the exhibition is home to the complete works of William Shakespeare and The Ottoman Quran, a large ottoman-era version of the Holy Quran. Make sure you get your bookings in on the app before you head on over.

Mohammed bin Rashid Library, Al Jaddaf (next to Dubai Creek), Dubai, Tel: (0)4 222 2025.  

AKKA Project

akka project

AKKA Project Venice is showcasing the works of two new resident artists. Cyrus Kabiru, is presenting his solo exhibition ‘A Small World’ from September 1 to October 10. It showcases the work Kabiru produced during his stay in Venice, along with works he created with Venetian objects. Kabiru’s medium is based on recycling and repurposing as well as his sentimental connection to simple objects that surround him.

Additionally, the Ugandan artist Pamela Enyou, who graduated from Kyambogo University Banda in Art and Design, will also be showcasing her work. Pamela’s work is centered on the narratives of gender, identity, and empowerment, curating an exhibition that contemplates the personal with powerful and deeply rooted messages. If African female art takes your fancy, make sure to make it Pamela’s residency, which will be from September 1 to October 31.

Al Quoz 1, Unite 8, First Al Khail Road, Dubai, Tel: (0)58 578 3360.

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Bait Al Banat Women’s Museum

womens museum

We all love a bit of female power and it is celebrated in this exhibition at the Women’s Museum. This is a cultural initiative that explores and celebrates the lives of women in the UAE exploring the past and the present and depicting the multiplicity of roles women have played in UAE culture. It’s held at the Bair Al Banat Galleries.

The HERstory exhibition is a project which will appeal to all the feminist ladies out there. It displays a collection of female stories depicting the collaboration between exceptional women, throughout their lived experiences.

Check out the story of Ousha Bint Husein Bin Nasir Lootah (‘a lady from Dubai’) and go on a journey through the life of an Emirati woman that embodies all aspects of an independent woman.

Bait Al Banat Women’s Museum, Old Gold Souq, Deira, Sat to Wed 11am to 6pm, Dhs20 per person, Tel: (0)4 234 2342. 

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