It’s coming home…

May we be the first to wish you and all your loved ones a sincere and very merry ‘It’s coming homemas’.

Whether or not it is actually coming home (it isn’t), there will be a massive World Cup fan zone coming to our home (Abu Dhabi) this November.

Details on the Yas Links Golf Course based supporter hub are light on the ground at the moment, but we do know there will be an “e-gaming zone and other football activations.” Previous encounters with similar set ups lead us to believe there will be also be a (at least one) jumbo sized screen, drinks service, decorative flag paraphernalia and food trucks. Probably.

It will be available to access throughout the November 20 to December 18 tournament and will sit on the same formally serene green spot as Yas Movies in the Park, Club Social and Wireless Festival. Now that is an above par event itinerary for a golf course.

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