Time to get that dough…

If you’re looking for a midweek pick-me-up, then we have the list for you. These doughnut shops in Dubai doughn’t play. Whether it’s a crazy flavour, custard filling or a classic glaze, these doughnut shops will have just the fix that you need.

Be warned, doughnut related puns ahead…

Crumb & Co

Crumbs and Co - best doughnut shops in dubai

This home-grown pasty shop specializes in cookies, croissants and most importantly, gourmet doughnuts. Born out of a love for feeding a city that loves to eat, Crumb & Co has a long list of 16 flavours to choose from. These include classics such as a raspberry jam filling, but also some crazier flavours like tiramisu which is filled with mascarpone and raspberry cheesecake, which is a doughnut, filled with cheesecake. It’s sure to drive you absolutely glazy. 

Crumb & Co, Neighbourhood Food Hall, Green Community Motor City, Motor City, crumbandco.me, @crumbandco.me


Doh - best doughnut shops in dubai

No, not Homer Simpson’s catchphrase… Last Exit has multiple different food truck experiences but this one has turned into an instagrammable and delectable sensation with mind-blowing flavours. Everybody loves food that comes in mini bite sizes that pack a punch in taste, and this is exactly what Doh serves up. You can also get coffees donned with mini doughnuts and it is quite frankly, just a-dough-able and delicious.

Doh, various locations around the UAE, @dohuae

Donuts Time

Best doughnut shops in dubai - Donuts time

Local and lovely would be the best way to describe this doughnut shop. Locations scattered across the UAE, Donuts Time has taken the humble doughnut and reinvented it with its popular flavour profiles. Donuts Time has taken some of our favourites and combined them with doughnuts to make for an interesting concoction. Try the labneh and zaatar as well as cheesy chips Oman. The classics are still available but some of their premium options are worth a try.

Donuts Time, various locations around the UAE, donutstime.ae, @donutstime.ae

 Here-o Donuts


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Like any good superhero, they are here to save the day… or well… save you from becoming a hangry monster halfway through the day. The most important thing to note is that the doughnuts are healthy. It is baked from a sourdough starter, which promotes gut health and could basically be added to your five a day.

Here-o Donuts, various locations around the UAE, hereodonuts.com, @hereodonuts

Il Donaccino

Il Donaccino doughnuts

Vegan readers, don’t be jelly… this one’s for you. Il Donaccino has an entire menu section dedicated to vegan doughnuts. Their vegan-friendly options include mango glazed, matcha, and coconut glaze along with a selection of vegan chocolate options, too. Our other readers will be more interested in their savoury doughnuts. Yep, a savoury doughnut – think doughnuts coated in cheese, chilli flakes and a variety of crisps such as Chips Oman, nachos and Pofaki crisps. It may sound weird but doughn’t knock it till you try it.

Il Donaccino, locations in JLT and Business Bay, @ildonaccino

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Royal Donuts

Hailing from Germany, the doughnut shop with hundreds of locations throughout Europe has made its mark in Dubai. Their doughnuts should be inducted into the hall of fame for how outrageous some of the toppings are. The doughnuts here are topped with macarons, baklava, Oreo biscuits and more – hole-y moley.

Royal Donuts, The Dubai Mall Food Court, Tel: (0)4 456 0615, @royaldonuts__dubai

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