There are countless art exhibitions in Dubai…

Dubai is one of those cities where there’s a never-ending supply of things to do. For a bit of culture to shake up your week, soak in the creativity at these art exhibitions in Dubai.

Leila Heller Gallery

leilazanagalery art exhibitions in dubai

When: Until October 13

Ana D’castro’s solo show Efflorescence: Variations on Colour expresses how colour can represent our deepest feelings and connections. Through beautiful movements of colour, every aspect of her project offers a dynamic immersion into a world of colour. Her work is a fusion of art, architecture and time.

Leila Heller Gallery, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz, Sat to Thur 10am to 7pm, closed on Fri, Tel: (0)4 321 6942,

Green Art Gallery

greenartgallery art exhibitions in dubai

When: Until November 13

The Green Art Gallery is hosting Michael Rakowitz’s first solo exhibition. The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist is part of his ongoing project centred on threatened, destroyed and missing cultural heritage. This project was born after the 2007 Iraq war when many national treasures were looted from museums. Using images and information from databases, Rakowitz has recreated the looted sculptures using paper-mâché made of Arabic-English newspapers and western Asian food packaging found in diaspora supermarkets.

Green Art Gallery, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz, Dubai, Mon to Sat 11am to 7pm, closed on Sun, Tel: (0)4 346 9305,

Jameel Arts Centre

Jameel arts centre

When: Until February 19, 2023

The exhibition Proposals for a Memorial to Partition brings together writers and artists, creating an imagined memorial to the partitions that produced the modern nation-states of South Asia. The displacement and fragmentation of the nation-building that occurred after British colonial control, left societies of this subcontinent with lasting scars. This exhibition creates a collective way of looking at history and memory. Curated by Murtaza Vali, there is a range of artworks, texts, sketches and maquettes portraying poetic and speculative approaches to this historical event.

Jameel Arts Centre, Jaddaf Waterfront, Dubai, Fri 12pm to 8pm, Sat to Thursday 10am to 8pm, closed on Tues, Tel: (0)4 873 9800.

Lawrie Shabibi

art exhibitions in dubai Nathaniel

When: Until November 4

One of the many impressive art exhibitions in Dubai, solo artist Nathaniel Rackowe is coming to Alserkal Avenue to showcase his latest exhibition Fractured Landscapes. Rackowe depicts the urban high-rise city landscape, where surfaces, colour and transparency come together. The main focus is on light: the way it moves, touches and transforms textures, objects, its surroundings.

Lawrie Shabibi, Alserkal, Al Quoz, Dubai, Mon to Sat 10am to 6pm, closed, Tel: (0)4 346 9906,

Masterpiece Art Gallery

oasis-of-sicerity art exhibitions in dubai

When: Until October 5

‘The Oasis of the Soul: New Sincerity’ is an exhibition focusing on contemporary issues. New Sincerity is promoting sincerity in an attempted rebellion against the cynicism of the modern world. With a curation of artworks from multiple international artists, these works all search for the answers and true meaning in the world. Visitors should expect artworks that are soft on the eyes and yet are food for thought.

Masterpiece Art Gallery, Wafi Shopping Center, Dubai, Sat to Thur 12on to 9pm, Fri 11am to 10pm, masterpiece



When: Until October 18

A language-based exhibition, So to Speak is the passion project of Emirati artist Shamma Al Amri’s journey. Focusing on the study of language, this artiste examines found text such as graffiti and anonymous markings, as well as bureaucratic texts found in contemporary landscapes. Then using multiple resources, Shamma studies its implications socially, collectively and politically.

Tashkeel, Nad Al Sheba 1, Dubai, Sun to Thur 9am to 8pm, Fri 8am to 12pm, closed on Sat, Tel: (0)4 336 3313,



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When: Until October 30

The Foundry launched four new exhibitions earlier this month, including works from photographer Stuart Lawson, Fine Art photographer Baber Afzal, multidisciplinary artist Debjani Bhardwaj and experimental artist Studio Lenca. Guests can expect to marvel at photography, illustrations and experimental paintings. Located in Downtown Dubai, this gallery is known to showcase international, homegrown, established and emerging artists: giving a platform where all can celebrate their art.

Foundry, Boulevard Crescent, Downtown Dubai, Mon to Sun 10am to 10pm, Tel: (0)4 367 3696,

Tabari Artspace


Khaled Zai is an Egyptian sculptor, showcasing his latest solo exhibition The Journey. Utilising bronze and marble to create eight sculptures and a large painting, his work focuses on the connection between movement and religious experiences. His sculptures portray the intimate connection between man and horse through the transcendence of movement as well as the space between heaven and earth.

Tabari Artspace, DIFC, Dubai, Mon to Fri 10am to 7pm, closed on Sat and Sun, Tel: (0)4 323 0820,

Ishara Art Foundation

When: Until December 9

Showcasing her first solo exhibition in the region, Navjot Altaf presents Pattern. Depicting his long-standing commitment to many activist ventures, such as climate change, ecology and feminism, this exhibition acts as an intersection between art and activism. Navjot includes works that juxtapose the traditional and new mediums in which we represent an environmental crisis, and ultimately how we reflect on the future of the planet and society.

Ishara Art Foundation, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz, Mon to Thur 10am till 7pm, Fri closed, Tel: (0)4 223 3001,


Mestaria Gallery


When: Saturday October 8 to Monday October 31

“Calligraphic confluence” is Sasan Naseria’s latest exhibition, showcasing her primary tool; the written word. Calligraphy is where he started, and it has continued to dominate all iterations and styles of his artwork in recent years. Canvases are populated with a vibrant colour palette, rendered in large swathes or splashes and often textured with dripped or splattered paint, so it’s only upon closer inspection that the elements of script and ornamentation are apparent, and the calligraphic nature of the work is revealed.

Mestaria Gallery, Alserkal Avenue, Tues to Sun, 10am to 7pm, Mon closed, Tel: (0)4 379 0940,



Oblong Contemporary Gallery


When: Wednesday, October 19 till Tuesday, November 1

This contemporary art gallery is debuting Anna Chekhs’s new art exhibition “Faceless”. All the pieces on display will be a mixture of acrylics on canvas and sculptures, aiming to combine art with imagination. Anna is a Ukrainian contemporary artist whose art takes form over several diverse mediums, from the traditional canvas to digital art. The majority of her work centres on cartoon characters, combining expression with surrealism, and utilizing these characters to make societal commentary.

Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery, Bluewaters Island, Dubai, Mon to Sun 10am to 10pm, Tel: (0)4 232 2071,








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