A food-themed park experience…

Foodcourts are known for their convenience but equally for their chaos. However, Depachika food hall is redefining this concept, homing several of Dubai’s favourite dining venues. Expect a sophisticated setting where you can grab a bite to eat, a cup of coffee or explore bespoke deli items.

Here are 12 places you must visit at Depachika food hall…

Casa Della Pasta

Nothing hits the spot better than a plate of fresh homemade pasta. Here at Casa Della Pasta, you can expect to experience an array of divine sauces, from creamy pesto to wholesome bolognese. Whatever your mood, you can be sure to find something that will satisfy all your cravings.


Daikan Ramen


This outlet aspires to bring you delicious, yet simple Japanese cuisine. They offer a variety of broth bases from soy to miso, spicy and veggie. Pick from a number of delicious toppings that are available to add in. There are many small bites you must try, such as spicy kimchi or gyozas.


Mamalu Kitchen

This homegrown business aims to empower individuals through cooking. Kids, mums, friends, couples and even corporations are invited to improve their skill set through the numerous cooking classes on offer including how to perfectly cook fish or bake cakes.


Kilikio by Mythos


Your favourite Greek restaurant in Dubai now has a branch on The Palm. Dive into a Greek-style buddha bowl, gyros, or any of their delicious appetizers. If you want to take something home, indulge in their bakery section, with savoury and sweet options. Their filo pastry filled with spinach and feta is not to be missed…


Soul Vegan Cheese


Plantbased products are on the rise in Dubai, and Soul is paving the way without compromising on flavour. With a vast variety on offer, you can enjoy a creamy nutty ‘cheese’ with dill, jalapeno or zaatar at your next wine and cheese night.


Koala Picks


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Koala Picks brings healthy and nutritious foods to the table complete without preservatives, artificial flavours, colourants, or refined sugars. With healthy cookies, brownies, crackers and crisps, you can still satisfy all your cravings, whilst nourishing your body.


Sal’s Sushi and Sal’s Burgers


If you have lived in Dubai long enough, you may be familiar with the restaurant Salmontini. Overlooking the slopes of Ski Dubai, this upmarket sushi spot has now branched out to Depachika with two outlets; Sal’s Sushi bar and Sal’s burgers. You can now experience sensational sushi and seafood or a gourmet burger at Depachika. Treat yourself to some of the best quality ingredients, for a dine-in or takeaway experience.


1004 Gourmet


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Explore the flavours of the Far East at this one-stop Asian marketplace. This small but mighty outlet carries a wide variety of noodles, frozen delicacies, sauces, spices, and sweet treats. Have a wander around to find your next favourite Korean packet ramen, mochi flavour or spicy chilli oil.


Lime Tree Cafe & Kitchen


Lime Tree Cafe has remained constant in Dubai’s rapid growth and in many aspects embodies Dubai’s expat community. You may be familiar with this establishment purely due to its iconic carrot cake, a treat which is locally renowned. With many delicious cakes and breakfast goodies, as well as their beautiful salad and sandwich bar, you will leave this establishment truly satisfied.


The Cheeseroom

A food hall would not be complete without an outlet dedicated purely to cheese. Guests can try cheeses from all over the world, along with cold cuts, and other charcuterie delicacies. If you’re hoping to impress guests at your next soireé or are just a lover of cheese, this is where you need to shop at.


Boon Coffee Roasters

boon coffee

Boon Coffee Roasters is founded by an entrepreneurial Ethiopian woman, who has a passion for coffee and helping the community. This establishment is serving coffee with a conscious by working with its non-profit to support agriculture in developing nations. It’s an unmissable destination for all our iced coffee lovers serving up some of the best cold brews in town.


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Prime Gourmet

If you’re passionate about fine-quality meats and gourmet food items, then make a trip to Prime Gourmet. Here, you will be able to buy dry-aged meats, cuts perfect for the bbq, deli items, spices and rubs amongst many more delicious items.


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