Big news, huge…

Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways have been making some mega enhancements to their flights lately, making it that much more enjoyable to fly with the carriers.

The latest enhancement aboard Emirates Airlines is the ability to connect to Wi-Fi for free.

Technically, this isn’t entirely new…

The carrier has been at the forefront of inflight Wi-Fi developments and to date has spent over 300 million US dollars to improve onboard connectivity.

In the past, if you wanted to connect to the wifi, you received 500 megabits of data to use while in the air for free. That service then changed and it now costs between USD2.99 and USD19.99 depending on which Wi-Fi package you chose to purchase, and the length of your flight. But now, you can make use of the service for free.

So, how do I get free internet?

To avail of free Wi-Fi onboard the flights, passengers simply need to join the Emirates Skywards program, which is an easy and free process. You can sign-up via, or through the official Emirates or flydubai apps. This can be done through the onboard Wi-Fi portal, or at any other time.

What’s included?

If you are a Skywards member of any tier flying in any class, you will now enjoy free Wi-Fi for any of your messaging apps while on board any Emirates flights. This includes WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger and many others.

If you fly in First Class with a Skywards Blue membership, passengers will get additional unlimited free Wi-Fi that will allow them to shop or work online while inflight. The same benefits will apply to Silver, Gold and Platinum Skywards members flying in Business Class. If you are a Platinum member you will receive internet access in all classes.

Other Emirates advances

The airline also recently announced that they will no longer be printing boarding passes for all flights, except those to the United States. The initiative comes in the hopes of significantly reducing paper waste while also offering an added convenience for an easier digitised check-in experience. Unaccompanied minors, those without devices and anybody who requests their boarding pass will still receive them.

Images: Emirates Media Centre