The beachfront has said goodbye to Laguna Waterpark, Roxy Cinemas, and more restaurants… 

When construction began late last year on La Mer South (soon to be J1 Beach), La Mer Central and La Mer North were set to remain.

Five months and a number of closures later, it looks like La Mer North and La Mer Central are also going to be demolished.

Sadly, Laguna Waterpark closed its doors in March, with a notice on its website stating, “Due to the redevelopment of the La Mer precinct, Laguna Waterpark will be closing permanently from Friday, March 24”.

Now closed at La Mer

Roxy Cinemas has also closed, as well as Sugar Factory, Argentina Grill, Aprons and Hammers, Falla, Sephora, Virgin Megastores, Pinkberry, and more.

Sadly the beloved part gym, part beach club, Train Beach Club is closing its doors in June. Closing its doors in style, the beach club is throwing one final party on Tuesday June 6. Open from 11am, there will be a line-up of eight DJs taking guests through until late, with happy hour available on selected drinks from 4pm to 8pm.

What is still open at La Mer?

As of now, La Mer visitors can visit El Greco, Al Shorfa, O’Doner, and The Chickery, however, these restaurants confirmed to What’s On that they will be closing after one month.

Salt and Starbucks are to remain open for a little longer at La Mer North, where you can still enjoy the public beach.

What is J1 Beach?

La Mer South has been completely demolished to make room for J1 Beach. Construction is well and truly underway with the new destination set to open by the end of 2023. Three beach clubs and 10 licensed restaurants will replace the shops and restaurants formerly found at La Mer South.

The three stars of the show will be a trio of beach clubs, all with regional and international acclaim behind them: Gigi Rigolatto, Bâoli, and Sirene Beach by Gaia.

Images: What’s On