Parents, take note…

The weather has been the talk of the town lately, and rightly so. The rain may be gone now, but the aftermath is one thing the UAE is still dealing with.

To protect students and the teaching staff, both public and private schools will continue in remote learning mode on Thursday, April 18 and 19.

The decision was announced on April 17 in the afternoon via official social media channels.

As for remote work…

The Directorate of Human Resources Sharjah has also announced that remote work will continue on Thursday, April 18, 2024 due to weather effects. The notice applies to all employees in Sharjah government departments, however, it added ‘jobs that require presence in the workplace are excluded’

*UAE weather: what the forecast is saying for the next five days*

UAE experiences the heaviest rainfall in 75 years

The dramatic UAE weather has resulted in the UAE’s heaviest rainfall in 75 years, the National Centre of Meteorology has announced.

The extensive rainfall in the UAE resulted in business closures, with remote working and learning regulations issued as the country looks to recover from the impact.

Several Dubai Metro stations are undergoing maintenance and even several roads around the country are closed. The rain has also resulted in halting operations at airports and this morning, Emirates airline announced it is suspended check-in for passengers flying out of Dubai International (DXB) on Wednesday, April 17 from 8am.

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