On a cloudy Dubai morning, a man leaps off the balcony of Dubai Marina’s Sulafa Tower.

(That’s the same tower that saw a fire start on the 60th floor last July – the blaze rapidly spread to the 70th storey, but thankfully no one was seriously hurt).

Well this guy wasn’t jumping due to the fire, no, he’s just another crazy Billy-o with a parachute strapped to his back.

The video comes from the Negative4 extreme sports team, who were the group responsible for the 0 to 200 kilometre-per-hour in one second base jumping catapult in Dubai.

The video shows a base jumper stood on a high floor balcony before climbing the railing and taking a leap of faith.

Here it is:

“What’s wrong with the people of today? Have they all got their heads in the clouds?” Well, kinda.

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sulafa base jump

“Palms are sweaty. Knees weak, arms spaghetti…”

The base jumper chose to leap on a day where low-hanging stratus clouds lay between the buildings. If you’re not sure what a stratus cloud is, it’s the blankety-looking stuff.

Does it make the jump more dangerous? Well, you can’t see where the floor is exactly, which we’re sure would make the whole ordeal a little more clammy.

Remember though, people. These guys are professionals. Don’t go stuffing your kitchen tablecloth into a backpack and expect to achieve the same results.

sulafa base jump

“Made it!”

What else have Negative4 done?

Negative4 Productions are no strangers to the extreme, with a backlog of videos on their YouTube channel showing their team taking part in a number of daredevil base jumps and crazy sports exercises.

Here are a few examples:

Jumping from a giant, suspended net in Moab, Utah.

A dramatic, slow-motion base jump in Kjerag, Norway.

Front flipping out of an ultra-light aircraft above Mexico.

Images: YouTube/Negative4 Productions