Speedsters and jaywalkers, you better watch out…

Dubai Police has acquired a whole lot of new smart technology in recent times (who could forget Robocop?) – now, the latest gadget in its arsenal is targeting badly behaved road users.

The new device is called a smart controller, and is being installed on Dubai’s roads in addition to the existing speed radars and cameras.

But this isn’t just any old radar, oh no. What sets the smart controller apart is that it is said to have nine more advanced features than conventional monitoring devices.

“It is a system that includes the latest technology to help officers control and monitor serious traffic offences by reckless drivers,” Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, commander-in-chief at Dubai Police, told Gulf News.

“It will help enhance Dubai Police’s strategy to make the emirate as safe as possible.”

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The smart controller is operated remotely by officers, using an app on their smartphones. Some of the special features include high-resolution imagery, and a vehicle number reader.

The device, which is attached to a metal barrier, also has the ability to move itself, when it needs to nab a motorist.

It also has a broadcast system and flashing light, so it can warn drivers about accidents, traffic jams or bad weather.

So, what exactly can it catch you doing?

– Queue jumping

– Speeding

– Jaywalking

– Driving on the hard shoulder

Remember, the UAE’s federal traffic law was amended in July, and there are now a whole host of new violations and fines that you more than likely want to avoid. You can read more about those here.

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Image: WAM