There will be three new Emirates flights back to the Philippines next week…

In addition to the existing Emirates flight service to Manila that has been successfully operating this week, three additional flight dates have been added: April 20, 20 and 22, 2020.

The one-way flights have been introduced to help any Filipinos to get back to their home country. Thus, only Filipino nationals will be permitted on the flights, which can be booked on, or through travel agents.

For those passengers able to book seats out to the Philippines, the flights will all be one-way, as entry into the UAE is still restricted to UAE nationals.

Emirates also announced that it would use its return flights to transport stranded UAE nationals home.

To ensure everyone’s safety, passengers will be required to practice effective social distancing during their journey and wear their own masks both at the airport and onboard the aircraft.

Current advice is that travellers should arrive at check-in three hours before their scheduled flight departure time.

On April 6, Emirates launched the first of its repatriation flights, with four weekly services to London, and three weekly services to Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels and Zurich.

The airline continues to update its list of reactivated routes, earlier this week it added destinations in North America, Asia and the Middle East to the network.

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