Abu Dhabi Airport released a special video…

With the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic halting most of the travel industry across the globe, there’s been big question mark on how, and when, airlines and airports would operate again.

On March 19, the UAE government implemented a temporary ban on allowing UAE residents back into the country, which meant over 29,000 were stuck abroad. As of June 1, however, all UAE residents with a valid visa or recently expired visa will be allowed to return.

If you’re wondering what the airport process will be for passengers travelling through UAE airports in these unprecedented times, Abu Dhabi and Dubai International airports have given us some understanding.

On May 14, the Abu Dhabi Media Office released a video showing the ‘new arrival and departure processes for passengers travelling through @AUH on special flights operating until 31 May 2020′.

While the video specifies airport operations for flights until May 31, it does give us some insights into what the processes will be for future flights.

In a series of tweets, Abu Dhabi Media Office stated that, “In addition to passing through state-of-the-art SterixGates, travellers will be required to adhere to a range of precautionary measures and undergo various forms of thermal screening and testing.”

They continued, “Depending on the destination to which the passenger is travelling, they may be directed to Terminal 1, where a Covid-19 rapid antibody test will be conducted by a qualified health professional.”

“Passengers arriving at Abu Dhabi International Airport will undergo a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test for COVID-19, and will be required to self-isolate for 14 days and follow all Department of Health guidelines in regard to Covid-19.”

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While there’s no specific video about Dubai Airport, its CEO Paul Griffiths confirmed in an interview with Dubai One that, “masks, temperature scan & social distancing will be the norm in the airport to ensure the safety of passengers until vaccine or cure be developed.”

Any UAE residents who return to the country will be required to undergo a mandatory quarantine period of 14 days, at home or in a hotel. They will also be required to download the ALHOSN COVID-19 tracking app or face a fine.

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