The whole family will love getting in on the act…

While there’s no denying the Covid-19 pandemic has been tough on the UAE restaurant scene, it’s been heartening to see how businesses have evolved.

Many of Dubai’s fine-dining restaurants have pivoted to delivery, and ladies’ nights have shifted their focus to food. For some, the lockdown has even provided the motivation to start a food business from scratch.

Enter Dough It Yourself, a new pizza service that lets you play pizzaiola for the night, with deliveries of fresh dough and all the trimmings.

We tried Dough It Yourself for ourselves, and here’s what we found.

The delivery

We received a pizza box filled with two batches of dough, six dough balls, cheese, tomato sauce, vegetables, pepperoni, garlic butter, Nutella and flour.

The process

We followed the instructions provided, along with the video from Chef Gio. Our three-year-old had a ball stretching and kneading the dough (although she did manage to inhale most the of the pepperoni before it made it onto the pizza).

The dough was soft and elastic, with just the right amount of give. (Make sure your dough’s at room temperature before you start to stretch it.)

As a parenting win, our girl’s normally a straight-up cheese-and-tomato pizza-eater, but adding her own toppings made her more inclined to actually eat them, rather than pick them off.

DIY pizza

The results

After just 12 minutes in the oven, our bases were beautifully puffed and chewy, with that fresh yeasty aroma you’d expect from authentic pizza. The toppings were a little light-on (although, to be fair most of our pepperoni was consumed in advance), but you could easily add anything that you had to hand if you did want to beef them up.

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One of the unexpected highlights was the piping-hot dough balls, dipped into garlic butter straight from the oven.

The verdict

Our whole family thoroughly enjoyed making – and eating – the Dough It Yourself pizzas. We would order again for a fun Friday night feast, or when entertaining other families at home.

The price

Prices start at Dhs35 for one pizza kit, including dough, mozzarella, marinara sauce and flour, and you can add a veggie box or pepperoni box for Dhs7 a pop.

There are also kits for a crowd. The Date Night pack contains two pizza kits, six garlic dough balls, four Nutella dough balls, two soft drinks and free delivery (Dhs100). Or the Pizza Party pack has four pizza kits, 12 garlic dough balls, eight Nutella dough balls, four soft drinks and free delivery (Dhs200).

Dough It Yourself, Jumeirah Village Triangle. Tel: (0)52 6527326.

Images: What’s On/Instagram