And to ensure your Emirates ID and test certificate are ready for inspection…

Pick the correct lane!

That’s part of the message from Abu Dhabi Police, aimed at ensuring smooth passage and preventing traffic jams at the Ghantoot checkpoint.

They took to social media to share rules, requirements and tips to help motorists pass through the Abu Dhabi security point in a swit and safe manner.


Be prepared

This includes having your Emirates ID and negative Covid-19 test certificate (DPI or PCR, obtained within 48 hours of required entry into Abu Dhabi) ready to show officers.

There is also a requirement to wear masks, to limit passengers to three individual per vehicle, and to refrain from filming or taking photos at the checkpoint.

Stay in your lane buddy

Abu Dhabi Police also asked drivers to pay attention to designated pathways for vehicles, clearly demarkated by lane colours.

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This includes the emergency red lane which is reserved for emergencies, and volunteers of the Covid-19 immunisation research programme.

Green lanes are for standard vehicles with negative Covid certificates obtained in advance.

Heavy vehicles must use the blue lane.

How to get your test

Those that need DPI tests should follow the redirect prior to arriving at the checkpoint. For information on how to book tests, consult our guide.

Following the guidelines above should help prevent traffic build up at the border crossing and ensure everybody is able to enter Abu Dhabi safely and efficiently.

Images: Twitter/Abu Dhabi Police