Those eligible for visa on arrival can enter straight away…

Etihad Airways has shared the news that visas-on-arrival are once again being processed for tourists entering Abu Dhabi Airport.

This is great news for countries such as Australia, the USA or UK, Japan, much of Europe and South America, New Zealand, South Korea, Malaysia and Canada, who’s citizens can enter the UAE on either a 90 day or 30 day (spending on nationality) visa-on-arrival.

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You can find a full list of qualifying countries on the Etihad website.

Rules for tourists

Rules for inbound Abu Dhabi tourists have been in place since September.

Around that time, there were reports that the Identity and Citizenship (ICA) would start issuing tourist visas for Abu Dhabi. Although anecdotal account has suggested that securing visas has been difficult.

Currently, international travellers, including tourists and residents, entering Abu Dhabi (even if via a different emirate) must self-quarantine for 14 days, and take a further Covid test on the 12th day.

Those quarantining in hotels are not permitted to leave their rooms.

Hotels have been instructed to collect signed copies of a Health Declaration form from international travellers upon check-in. The declaration includes information on self-quarantine protocols.

To ensure these requirements are being adhered to, all international passengers into Abu Dhabi are “required to wear a medically approved wristband for the duration.”
The wristband is equipped with tracking technology, and those found flouting the rules will be in for stiff penalties.

Exemptions for vaccinated individuals

Yesterday we reported on the news that residents and UAE nationals flying into Abu Dhabi from overseas will no longer have to wear wristbands or quarantine for 14 days, if they have been given a jab as part of the phase III trials of what is being referred to as the National Vaccination Programme.
They will still have to take PCR tests on arrival. And those immunized as part of the National Vaccination Programme (as opposed to those vaccinated as part of the phase three trials) will need to take further tests on the fourth and eighth day after arrival.
Images: Etihad