UAE National Day: all the new guidelines for car decorations

From sticker placement to maximum passengers…

UAE National Day may look a little different this year, with parades and gatherings prohibited, and a virtual celebration taking place in Abu Dhabi. But that doesn’t have to stop you embracing one of the great UAE National Day traditions of car decorations.

Before you go adding patriotic flair to your vehicle for the long weekend, the Ministry of Interior (MOI UAE) has issued a list of guidelines for National Day car decorations.

Here’s what you need to know…

  • Don’t cover your car’s rear, side or front windows with stickers or a sun shade
  • Don’t stand on the roof of the car or pose out of the window
  • Don’t modify your car’s engine to cause noise or make unauthorised additions to the engine structure
  • Do not use any materials or appendages that may limit your vision, such as installing a flagpole
  • Refrain from performing car stunts
  • Follow traffic rules and don’t disrupt traffic or block the road
  • The regular Covid-19 rules regarding maximum capacities, face masks and social distancing should be observed at all times
  • Parades and gatherings are prohibited

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