No, we don’t mean Dragon Mart 3.0…

Dubai Mall is packed with retail stores, top restaurants, family entertainment, and much more. Soon, visitors will have another reason to visit this popular attraction – Chinatown.

Chinatown was a project that property developer Emaar announced in 2018. The plan was to build the ‘Middle East’s largest Chinatown in Dubai‘ at Dubai Creek Harbour. Now, it looks like plans for the project have shifted to one of the world’s largest shopping malls.

In other countries, Chinatown is usually a district of a large non-Chinese town in which the population is predominantly of Chinese origin. You can live there, visit the very many stores and restaurants and more. The Chinatown in Dubai Mall however will just focus on shopping and dining outlets.

What stores can we expect?

Chinatown Dubai Mall

Across the world, stores in Chinatowns sell Asian cosmetics, Chinese-inspired trinkets and gifts and much more. Of course, we’re hoping for authentic Chinese food shops and bakeries, too.

We noticed one space between the hoardings showcasing long U-shaped seating arrangements with pretty floral paintings up on the wall. To the back, another hoarding is up with work going on behind it.

Another hoarding in particular, right by the entrance bares the Starbucks logo. A little research shows that Starbucks in China is a little different. It serves up a range of Chinese tea as well as moon cakes and traditional desserts. Will this be the case in this particular branch here in Chinatown in Dubai Mall? – time will tell.

The hoardings run all the way through with boards put up all around the Address Fountain Views and Dubai Mall link and beyond.

Where to find it?

chinatown dubai mall

At the moment, you will spot it if you head to Dubai Mall via the P5 Cinema Parking. A sign now hangs above the entrance saying ‘Dubai Mall Chinatown’ in both English and Mandarin.

And there’s more…

chinatown dubai mall

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Located on the ground floor of Dubai Mall opposite Address Fountain Views is a row of stores/restaurants.

The exterior of the stores/restaurants is designed to showcase Chinese architecture, most noticeably, the traditional curved roof. Red stickers cover the entire door and windows with a lion (to symbolise the Year of the Tiger) at the moment with text that reads ‘Coming soon’ and at the bottom – Dubai Mall Chinatown.  The word ‘Blessing’ in Chinese is also seen on each store/restaurant front.

When is it opening?

We don’t have details as of now as to when this development will open but we can speculate that it will open by the end of the year.

As usual, we will keep you updated on the latest news of this new project. 

Images: What’s On