The change comes as a reflection as reduced petrol prices…

If you’re a regular Dubai taxi user, take note: you can expect fares to be a bit cheaper going forward. That’s because Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has reduced its taxi fares.

Crediting the revised fares to the reduced cost of petrol, as per The National, the RTA has reduced the tariff from Dhs2.19 per kilometre to Dhs1.97 per kilometre.

So, on a 20 kilometre journey, you can expect to save roughly Dhs5.

Take note, the minimum fares remain in place, which is Dhs12 during peak times. As far as we know, this applies only to RTA taxis, and as of yet, the changes don’t apply for non RTA Careem bookings or Uber rides.

Back in June 2022, Uber hiked up their prices for the second time that year in response to the rise in petrol prices.

Under the increased fare structure, Select cars, previously Dhs2.64 per km will now cost Dhs2.85 per km, while Family cars that used to cost Dhs2.56 will also be charged at Dhs2.85 per km. For a Green vehicle, you’ll now pay Dhs2.96 for every kilometre travelled, up from Dhs2.82.

At the time Uber said the revised fares would ‘help their drivers continue to have sustainable earnings’ and continue to ensure riders can continue to travel the city comfortably.