Bless the airport staff…

Because the airports are about to get very, very busy. Dubai is no stranger to a heavy influx of visitors all year round. The Dubai International Airport is the world’s busiest after all. Be it Christmas, New Year’s or the early spring months of the year, people find a reason to fly in and out of Dubai.

With the summer break for schools and the long weekend for Eid Al Adha approaching us swiftly, the number of passengers passing through Dubai is expected to reach 3.5 million. Around 252,000 air travellers are estimated to transit every day during this period, according to airport data reported by The National.

The busiest day of travel is expected to be June 24. Peak weekends include the days leading right up to the Eid Al Adha holidays which lead into the summer vacation for schools. This is when the outgoing volume of traffic is expected to be the highest – about 100,000 people.

The incoming traffic will bump up on July 2. Dubai International Airport reports it is expecting an estimated 305,000 travellers to land in the city, a record-breaking number. The increased air travel will reduce around July 3.

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Families mostly will fly out for vacation as people flying in will return to rejoin work after the long break.

The summer months are generally the busiest period for air traffic in Dubai as people look to vacation destinations and cooler countries to beat the summer heat. Airfares are also expected to increase during this time as the demand for flight tickets steadily rises.

Tickets for destinations like India, Pakistan and the UK generally see a hike as CBSE curriculum and British schools close for the summer. East European countries have also become popular tourist spots in recent years.

On the other hand, visitors from colder countries come to the UAE to enjoy the warmer climate and take advantage of the summer deals on resorts and hotels in the country.

So, if you are flying out, make sure you pack those bags and head to the airport nice and early to avoid missing your flight.

Featured image: Dubai Airports