The traffic is about to step it up a notch…

Summer in Dubai is a bittersweet affair – yes, it’s super hot, but when you combine so many people taking annual leave over this period with the fact it’s school holidays, the roads become oh-so quiet over July and August (which we love). 

Well schools are back this week – with school terms beginning between Tuesday September 5 and Sunday September 10, and with the reopening of the schools we can expect the rush hour traffic jams to return too (but it also heralds the return of cooler climes, so hooray for that).

‘Just how much does the traffic worsen?’ we hear those of you new to Dubai ask.

Well, the below is entirely anecdotal, but across the office we’ve noticed that…

– A morning drive from Dubai Marina to Media City that takes about 20 minutes in the winter takes 10 minutes in the summer.

– An evening commute from Media City to Dubai Trade Centre takes 35 minutes (whereas in winter it can take up to an hour).

– A weekday evening drive from Media City to Al Qusais is about 30 minutes quicker in the summer than it is in winter.

– The Media City to Bur Dubai commute is 30 minutes quicker (both ways), although construction around Bur Dubai Creek has made this summer not as fast-moving as others.

– Meanwhile, a commute from Media City to International City takes 45 minutes in the summer, and around 55 minutes in winter (so there’s only around a 10 minute difference on that route).

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Basically, most commuters will notice at least some change in traffic – so download some good podcasts and be prepared to be in your car that little bit longer.

Also, the beauty of living in Dubai is that the roads change so quickly – so those roadworks giving you a commuting headache right now could actually end up saving you plenty of time in a month or two. Here’s a guide to a major road improvement project happening in Dubai right now (that could save you plenty of commuting time).

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