Adventure seekers, take note…

Khorfakkan is soon going to be home to a new project that will draw in adventure seekers from around the UAE.

In an Instagram post, Shurooq’s CEO Ahmed Obaid Al Qaseer stated that the new recreational project will be located adjacent to Al Soueifa mountain overlooking the serene Luluyah Beach. He added that the project will help boost adventure tourism in the city and is due to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2023.


Al Qaseer outlined a number of attractions to expect when the new adventure hub opens. It includes plenty of adrenaline-pumping experiences including a giant swing – the type you’ve probably seen when scrolling through social media. The swing will drop you from a height after you step off a platform but of course, you will be safely seating (and secured tightly) into a harness which will cause you to swing freely in the air. And of course, you’ll get some fabulous views of Khorfakkan (if you’re not too busy screaming and shutting your eyes).

For more fabulous views, a zipline is also in the works. If you’ve already tried the world’s longest zipline at Jebel Jais, this will be one to try.

Khorfakkan dry slide

The adventure park will also include what Shurooq is calling a ‘Dry Slide’ – a toboggan-type ride similar to the ride in Jebel Jais.

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khorfakkan Downhill Training Track

The adventure park will also be home to a downhill training track and a mountain bike trail is also currently being considered to be a part of future development. Hikers will be able to test their abilities and have a go at the hiking track.

The project also includes an observation deck and a restaurant on the mountain top that offers breathtaking views of the landscape and the adventure track routes. At basecamp, there will be a number of glamping opportunities where you can rest.

This is just part of many plans to develop the town. Khorfakkan will soon also have its first waterpark and a five-star luxury hotel, and five spots where you can enjoy a staycation.

If you want to head on over to Khorfakkan now, you can check out the Khorfakkan waterfalls and amphitheatre or visit the Al Suhub Rest House.

Images: Shurooq