Warning: This post may make you feel old…

If Dubai was a car, it’d do 0 to 60 kmph in less than three seconds. It’s gone from a sand ground to a flourishing metropolis in less than 20 years, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon.

Not enough appreciation is given to the classics though – we’re talking Dubai snacks and drinks that everyone knew and loved. Sure, your local Carrefour may stock the new jumbo Kit Kats, but a Kit Kat will never be a Pik-One. We’re sure the Dubai OGs are yet to find a juice they like more than Areej, and surely you can’t understand why people would choose a bag of Lays over Chips Oman (fools).

So here’s a #throwback to get you nostalgic about the Dubai snacks that ruled your childhood.

Here are 20 vintage snacks those who grew up in Dubai will remember…



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No… we don’t mean the perfume. Back then, Areej was the only cocktail you ever needed.

Choki Choki

choki choki dubai snacks

Above: @me3ka_02

Ah, those were the days. Back then, chocolate spread was eaten out of a tube and not scooped straight out of the jar with a spoon in bed. When team What’s On spotted this at a store in Al Fanar restaurant, we just had to purchase a tube. Fine, a packet… (or was it three packets?)

Unikai Strawberry Milk

Unikai strawberry flavour dubai snacks

Yeah, we know you can still find this in stores. But, back then it came in a carton. Ask any UAE OG, and they will remember its cool and delicious flavour instantly. Milk out of a carton will forever be better than milk out of a bottle. ‘Great look, great taste’.

Hobby Chocolate

Hobby chocolate dubai snacks

A popular chocolate choice back in the day that was so good, boxes of it were taken back home as gifts for the family.

Chips Oman

Chips Oman dubai snacks

The crisp options are vast in the supermarket these days. But back in the day, we made a beeline to these chips. If you’ve never tried it before, we urge you to go for the family packet because they are just THAT delicious.

It is still so popular that many restaurants and cafes incorporate it in some of their dishes. Think Oman Chips covered sushi, chicken rolls stuffed with crisps, and more.

Pik-One Chocolate Wafers


The original (and better) Kit Kat.


ice pops dubai snacks

We’re not sure what we preferred more. Eating these icy treats, or eating them and then sucking on the plastic wrapper for the next twenty minutes.

Mr Krisps Cheez Balls

mr krisps

We’re still not sure why Mr Krisps is shaped like a cob of corn, but man he made it easy to get cheezy. They now do a spicy flavour, but we keep going back to the cheesy original.

Emirates Pofaki

emirates pofaki

Dubai’s take on cheese puffs. Like, yum…

Teem Soda

teem soda dubai snacks

Because Sprite was too mainstream.

Safari Bars

safari bar

Forget a desert Safari, this was at one point the only Safari you needed in your life.

Dixi Cola

dixi cola

Because we were too cool for a Coke.



These cheeky candies tasted so much like actual fruit you could convince your mum they gave you vitamins.

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Melody Pops

melody pops

The best part about Melody Pops wasn’t eating them, it was proceeding to annoy everyone with the whistle inside for the next 20 minutes (or an hour).

RC Cola

rc cola

For when you couldn’t find Dixi Cola.

This Chewing Gum

batook chewing gum

Nothing says the Middle East more than coffee-flavoured chewing gum (they don’t make it anymore ☹). But also, where’s the garlic paste and shawarma variety?

Roasted Peanuts


What other snack would you need on a day out at the park?

Big Babol Bubble Gum

big babol

Big Babol was the ultimate bubble gum – unrivalled in terms of bubble-blowing capacity.

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