In case you needed some Quarantinspiration…

We’ve collected six ways to help self-isolation feel like a vacation this week.

Travel the world (from your sofa)

We can show you the world, shining, shimmering and rendered splendidly in these virtual tours. Our guide to museum and gallery tours shows you how to leisurely tour New York’s Guggenheim, Paris’ Louvre and the British Museum, without the jostling elbows of tourists getting in the way. If it’s ancient architecture you’re after, well we can help there too — with a round-up of tours around the Seven Manmade Wonders of the World.

Throw a pool party on your balcony

Modern problems require modern solutions. Dubai is famous for its pool parties, and we know some of you are really missing them. But there’s a way you can top up your tan from the cool of a pool, without leaving the apartment. Step one: order pool online. Step two: inflate pool and fill up with water. Step three: get in and flex those Nikki beach poses.

Wise up

Flex those little grey cells with a free online course from one of the world’s most respected faculties universities. At you’ll find classes from Harvard, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Stanford, Penn, Princeton, and Yale. Or for something a little lighter, why not check out our guide to the best documentaries on Netflix right now. Knowledge is power.

Online quiz

There are a few Dubai-based virtual quizzes you can take part in at the moment, and all you’ll need is an internet connection and a reasonable grasp of trivia. McGettigan’s, Reform and Bidi Bondi are all getting quizzical on different nights of the week, and Publique is even reviving their famous Friends quiz for the quarantine. Order in some food, put away those phones and make sure the weakest link is neither nor your internet connection.

Get brunch delivered


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McGettigan’s is now offering brunch, delivered. ‘How might that work in these self-isolating times?’ You might wonder. From midday on Friday you’ll be able to make your brunch order through Deliveroo, either online or via the app. It’s Dhs89 for one person, or Dhs149 for two if you’re bunking with an isolation buddy. You’ll each get a two-course meal and cocktail mixer. Entertainment is supplied courtesy of three hours of live music from house band Oh! Starting at 1.30pm, steamable via Facebook Live and IGTV.

Embrace the board life

Put us down for a boardgame any day of the week. We love the classics Cluedo, Mousetrap, The Game of Life, Trivial Pursuit, Risk – self-isolation even got us looking at Jumanji like “hmmm, maybe…” But nothing causes those exhilerating ‘packing your partners things in a box’ fun arguments like Monopoly. And the Dubai edition adds a nice little flavour of realness.

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