The iconic double-decker aircraft will return to the skies above Dubai in July…

With Emirates gearing up for a return to a full scheduled service, and tourists welcome in Dubai from July 7 — the airline is going to need some bigger planes again.

Enter iconic double-decker aircraft, Airbus A380 — which will be thundering down a Terminal 3 runway near you soon.

The first destinations in line for the jumbo treatment are London Heathrow and Paris, from July 15.

It’s a popular pick amongst both passengers and pilots alike, admired for its size, comfort, facilities and of course, the club class sky bar.

Emirates announced the return of its 1,200 km/h flying swag-pad via social media channels, and people are already getting excited.

Its capacity makes it a sensible choice for the pandemic era.

We stand in solidarity with the energy coming from Nico

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Images: Pixabay/Twitter