Get to the (core message of the) chopper…

A helicopter has been spotted circling areas of Abu Dhabi today with a banner promoting a very important message.

Below the instantly recognisable green, white, black and red of the Emirati flag, a note reads #DedicationAtWorkSafetyAtHome in Arabic and English.

It’s a reminder for us all that working from home and self-isolation are still currently the best and most appropriate form of action we can take in the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s all about stopping the spread while the workers of the National Disinfection Campaign do their thing.

The helicopter fly-by was conducted by Abu Dhabi Aviation, who will be rolling out similar public information trips at different locations across the other emirates over the coming days.

The pilot’s view must be pretty impressive – we’ve already seen footage from above of the UAE’s empty streets and it makes for some magical viewing.

But with the news that there are more storms expected this week, the helicopter tour may have to adjust its schedule.

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Images: Twitter