One good turn: RTA to hand out free wheelchairs to those in need

The new monthly initiative is in line with the 2017 ‘Year of Giving’


Sure, you have health insurance, but do you know what it covers?

Sponsored: Most people in Dubai have health insurance, but many don’t realise that lots of things actually aren’t covered in their plans. It pays to be informed…


Here’s something you may not have realised about sick leave in the UAE

If you’re off sick on Thursday and then again on Sunday, you could be taking more sick leave than you think.


Those who seek addiction treatment in Dubai won’t be prosecuted

A relatively new law means that those who seek help for drug addiction in the UAE, and go through with the treatment, are exempt from prosecution…


It’s now even quicker to get your Dubai visa health check processed

Salem is a new smart system designed to help slash wait times…


Dubai Hospital’s newest employee is a robot pharmacist

It can dispense medicines at a rate of up to 12 prescriptions in less than a minute


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The UAE pledges Dhs110 million in the fight to eradicate polio

Only five cases of the highly infectious disease reported in 2017 thanks to ongoing efforts


This is going to change how you take sick leave in Dubai

You know how you sometimes feel bad enough to not go to work but don’t make the effort to go to the doctor? Well, a new Dubai Health Authority regulation might make that difficult.


Sheikh Mohammed launches programme to empower the disabled

The UAE is in the middle of a sea change, and it hopes to become a holistically disability-friendly city by 2020…


Here are 11 things you didn’t know you could do at City Walk

Dubai’s newest suburb is full of hidden gems. From rainforests to retro games and Michelin-pedigree chefs to world class street art. Here are 11 things to do next time you head down there…

Grumpy Old Raver

Is it just us or does everyone in Dubai have a cold right now?

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